Oddball Ink is equip with a 10 color screen printing wheel and separate building just for screen printing. To order screen printing there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Artwork should be vector form, if you can get the original artwork for your design that is best. We do have in house designers that can prep your artwork correctly so any image is possible some just need more work than others.
  • Be sure to double check all spelling and trademarks of any kind
  • Most garments are sold in brackets of 12, the more you buy the lower the price per unit.
  • Garment color can make a large difference in how artwork looks, be sure to pick the right color for the artwork to lay on.
  • We can print a maximum of 10 colors per print and keep in mind the more colors to print the more the order will cost.
  • We also do Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Sizes outside of XS-XL are extra cost per size


Here at Oddball Ink we can cover just about any print job. From flyers, business cards, wall decals, stickers, banners and signs of all sizes. As there are so many materials out there, we strive to get what will work best for you every time. If you have print need we'd love to help you. Some things to keep in mind when ordering for print.

  • We prefer vector files of artwork if you have them, if not, the original artwork or as close as you can get will be fine.
  • quantity and size
  • will this banner or end product be indoors or outdoors


You've got the vehicle and we've got the wrap

  • Vehicle storage, wraps hold up best if stored in covered parking
  • To preserve the quality of your wrap only use brushless carwashes
  • You will have to bring the vehicle to us, we'll do the rest